GHP 210 Basic coat plaster

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Hue: Grey

Packaging: 25 and 40 Kg valve paper bag and big bags for THRAKON silo

Consumption: 14 – 15 Kg/m2 for 1,0 cm thickness


GHP 210 is a ready to use, cement based plaster appropriate for levelling of surfaces used before final or decorative coating application. It is made of cement, hydrated lime, quartz sand with 2 mm max. grain, lime fillers and admixtures. It is produced and controlled according to EN 998-1

Application Fields

  • Applied after a thin coat rough of -SHP 205
  • Ensures superior adhesion on all standard substrates
  • Replaces traditional plasters
  • Allows the surfaces to “breath”


  • It is used as an undercoat in 3 coat plaster system and as a one coat plaster provided that the prevailing conditions allow so
  • It has strong adhesion on the substrate
  • It sticks to building surfaces without drooping
  • It has excellent workability, high resistance and fast application


In a dry environment at temperatures above 0C for 12 months its production date.

Additional information

Weight 40 kg


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