Our company is a small family business that was founded on 1978 by Goulas Vasilios in a small space  of 1000 square meters.

With the help of his sons the company evolved and took its today form in the 7.500 square metres facilities.

Every year we revitalize our catalogue by adding new products based on the needs of our customers and the needs of the market.

The main activity of the company the previus years was the construction of big buildings but over the years the needs changed and now the proudly entered dynamicaly into a more complete section of buildng industry.

 It is now in our store that you can find materials for the construction, renovation, decoration and energy saving  which is the most important thing in our times.

 We are the only ditributors of KElyfos System, the most complete system that guranties at least 58% of energy saving for heating and cooling.

We can offer you complete solutions of thermal insulation with our own crew providing you gurrantie for the quality of the materials as well as for the instalation of them.

We can offer trasportation of all kind of materials with our own crain in your area with the ability to lift them 30 meters high( 8th floor).

 In order to make your dream house come true we can offer you the best quality of services and materials with the best prices.

 With our big experience we can help you  and guide you at the same time to take all the right choises for a modern and energy saving construction  as well as a perfect renovation.

 We are wholesalers as well as retailers so don’t hesitatte to contact us.